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Hand-Carved Signs

The Sign Shop Client gold bar

Here at The Sign Shop we love making carved signs! We are meticulous in all details involved. The design must be precise. The painted backgrounds and gold leaf work are performed with the highest tolerances. In short, we are extremely detail oriented. Every sign we make is a work of art.


Although we can use wood, most of our carved signs are from high-density urethane. This gives the look of wood, without the worry of cracking, warping, or rotting.

Paint is brushed on by hand which creates a simulated wood grain. Both sides are coated with four primer coats and two final coats, and finally, an automotive clear coat is applied for added protection.

In most signs, the lettering is finished with gold leaf. Gold leaf has been used for signs, picture frames, and many other decorative elements for centuries.

In our shop, we use the finest 23k gold leaf imported from Italy on our signs, where we have refined our leafing techniques through decades of applications. This gives your sign a spectacular, one of a kind look, as the carved, gilded letters sparkle in the sun.

We have been producing carved signs since 1983 and look forward to creating one for you!

Hand carved signs
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